Feel free to email with any questions


What should I bring with me to lessons?

All you'll need to bring with you is your guitar, I've got everything else we'll need (amp, cables, etc.). All written material for that weeks lesson are provided, along with the audio and video demonstrating that weeks lesson.

Wouldn’t you rather me bring in books?

No need to as all written material for that week’s lesson is provided, along with the audio and video demonstrating that week’s lesson. But I do love guitar books! If you’ve got a question on something you’ve read or a great book to share I’d love to see it!

What’s the best way to cancel a lesson?

Just send me an email and we’ll set up a makeup lesson, which may be later in the day/week, or if the schedule allows we can make our next lesson an hour.

I’ve got some questions about our lesson, should I just wait?

Don’t wait, send me an email! I get emails with guitar questions all the time, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything giving you trouble. Our Lesson Videos are often a great place to start when working on a song.




Where’s the video at?

All the videos used in our lessons are online and available in one easy to find place! Since the videos are for students only (they’re on YouTube, though not searchable), being a current student in lessons is the only place to get 'em! It's a great way to see and hear exactly what your lesson material looks and sounds like. Each video plays the guitar part at a slower tempo and exactly as written on the page. Click here to take a look at some video samples!

How do I listen to the song?

Great question! As listening is the only way to experience music, this a really important part of being/becoming a musician. Though there are a ton of places to get your music online, all the songs we use in lessons are available online via Spotify, or iTunes (if the student wishes to purchase the song). However you get your music just be sure to listen to it. And then listen more.

Is there a make-up policy?

Makeup lessons are offered as long as notice of cancellation is given 24 hours in advance.

I’d like to buy lessons as a gift for a friend. Any ideas?

What a great gift idea! I have gift certificates available that can be purchased in one month increments ($125/month), which I can either email a pdf or print out for you.

- Click here for more info or to purchase a gift certificate -